What We Do

Our team helps organizations to maximize their investments in security, governance, risk and compliance technologies.

Strategic planning is hard for people in Security because we spend so much time responding and reacting. Smart Security Consulting is your key to enhance or develop a sound security strategy for your organization.  Our in depth knowledge includes showing our clients how to plan the plan, horizon analysis, visioning, environmental situational awareness, understand historical analysis, how to build the roadmap, setting up assessments, and revising the plan, mission, vision, and value statements.


We are 100% security oriented and work together with all levels of stakeholders and business needs, environment changes, new risks are always on the horizon, and critical procedures and systems are continually exposed to new vulnerabilities. Strategic planning is a never-ending process. Whether your organization has a need for an onsite vulnerability assessment, a need for a specialized assignment, thinking to enhancing technologies in hardware, software, hardening perimeters on cybersecurity, training employees, outsourcing am expert to design build and write your RFP for a security project – Smart Security Consulting is your one and only firm. We are fully hands-on and we got this.


Strategic Planning

Our approach to strategic planning is that there are activities that can be done virtually and others activities are best done in onsite setting. Options are a wonderful factor for clients.


Institutional Effectiveness

Our Smart Security core planning activities, prioritization, and development of the roadmap takes any security project to the next level of developing Project Charters, Project Scope Development; Work Breakdown Structures; Scope Verification and Control. Without this core planning your security project is in jeopardy of failing, we ensure institutional effectiveness.


Security Development

You will experience the most in-depth coverage of security assessment by our expert team.  Clients that have worked with us who have seen our Smart Security scope of the material have the same comment, “I never realized there is so much to know about security.”  Any security manager, anyone assigned to review, write, assess or support security policy and procedure, can benefit from our in-depth knowledge. We cover different levels of policy from Information Security Management System (ISMS) governing policy to detailed issue-specific policies like acceptable use, approved encryption and end of life disposal of IT assets, bounds for behavior; policy needs assessment process, Organizational Assumptions, Beliefs and Values (ABVs), Relationship of mission statement to policy, and creating a security aware organizational culture.


Comprehensive Security Policy Assessment

Smart Security has been exposed exposed to over 100 different policies methodology that balances the organizations needs. We can assist in developing successful policy that your employees will read and follow; policy that will be accepted by the business units because it is sensitive to the organizational culture; and policy that uses the psychology of information security to guide implementation.

Applying the Smart Security principles of psychology to implement policy includes; Applying the SMART Method to policy; Policy review and assessment process; How policy protects people, organizations and information; Case study, the process to

handle a new risk; Policy components and how to use them; Issue-specific policies; Behavior related polices, acceptable use, ethics; Warning banners; and Policy development.


Quality and Risk Management

Smart Security follows ISO9000 Quality Management. In our Smart Security Assessments some of the critical elements we cover include:  leadership development, coaching and training, employee involvement, conflict resolution, change management, vision development, motivation, communication skills, self-direction, brainstorming techniques, benefits, and the ten core leadership competencies. In a nutshell, you’ll receive the critical processes that should be employed to develop the skills and techniques to select, train, equip, and develop a team into a single cohesive unit with defined roles that operate together in harmony toward team-objective accomplishment.


  • Establish a minimum standard for knowledge, skills, and abilities required to develop leadership
  • Understand and leverage the motivational requirements of employees
  • Establish a baseline understanding of the skills necessary to migrate from being a manager to being a leader, include leadership building blocks.


Why Smart Security Consulting?

Smart Security Consulting has an in depth expertise and variety of global experience build from a solid track record of over 25 years in developing and refining our own delivery methodology, which is now used for all projects to ensure consistently high quality outcomes.

We are a dedicated team supporting a global network of likeminded professionals familiar with smart security platform implementations of varying sizes and complexities. Our global reach covers all industry verticals, we develop cases studies, pilot conceptual launches, share best practices, assess your pain points, project manage from inception to acceptance and most of all we are one stop consulting firm networked with over 100 alliance partners capable of bringing forth the right solution for you. We do not believe in “one size” fits all.

We have worked with a variety of organizations across a range of solutions, industry verticals and sizes. Smart Security is a participant of US Federal Contract Award Program with DUNS Registration 040159988.

How we can help

Our Smart Security team works alongside your team and our network of subject matter experts to deliver a range of services across our clients’ security strategy lifecycles, including:

  • Develop a smart security roadmap and strategy development
  • Target operating model development
  • Requirements definition for RFP specifications
  • Vendor selection assistance
  • System implementation/configuration
  • Program/project management
  • Training material preparation and delivery
  • Organizational change management
  • Platform health checks.

Please contact us for more information on info@smartsecurity.expert