In light of the tragic incident that took take earlier this year at FLL Airport Shooting.
On August 11, 2017 a Press Conference by Congressman Hastings, Vice Mayor Furr, the Campaign to Improve Security at Ft Lauderdale Airport may be the FIRST STEP in having other airports take the lead on this initiative. Following horrific shooting at FLL, new report calls for emergency preparedness training for wheelchair attendants, security officers, skycaps, and other subcontracted airline workers
The leaders and advocates will call for a whole community based approach to emergency preparedness, including ensuring that airline passenger service workers are fully trained. Training of Aviation workers and lack of emergency preparedness for airline passenger service workers. 
“Travelers have the expectation that airlines will keep them safe at every stage of their trip, from the moment they check in to when they land,” said retired Capt. Fitchpatrick, who conceived and implemented multi-agency safety measures at LAX after 9-11. “Airline passenger service personnel are in constant contact with these travelers. They should be an integral part of any emergency response planning.”
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There over 2,000 contracted airport workers that provide passenger services for airlines at FLL. These include wheelchair attendants, security officers, cabin cleaners, ramp agents, customer service representatives, and many others. There are currently no requirements for these workers to be trained in emergency response and evacuations.
 “We’re required to see a video to get our badges, but it doesn’t in any way prepare you for the real thing. Especially not something as bad as this,” said Sharon Pringle a customer service agent employed by Eulen America, a subcontractor for American and other airlines. “Grown men were crying. Elderly people and kids were fainting from the heat and panic. People were running without knowing where to go.”
According the report filed: 33% of passenger service workers reported having received training from their employer about what to do in an emergency; only 27% said they feel adequately prepared to protect themselves during an emergency; and just 27% reported having participated in an emergency drill in the past two years.
1-    Establishing 40 hours of mandatory paid training that would include evacuation procedures, how to deal with disabled passengers, and preparedness and response procedures for a variety of emergencies including terrorist attacks, among other topics.
2-    Ensuring that airline and airport trainers are experienced and qualified.
3-    Increasing screening and oversight of airline contractors, in order to facilitate enforcement of training requirements, manage emergencies, as well as ensure better quality airport experience.
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