I received a call from Washington D.C. this week from Al-Jazeera World News. The interview – NEW security screenings for all U.S.-bound airline passengers.
New screening rules went into effect Thursday, 26 October 2017 for all U.S.bound airline passengers that means more detailed inspections of carry-on bags and electronic devices, as well as security interviews by airlines employees.
Vulnerability Back To Public Areas
Passengers flying into US are told to arrive at the departing airport earlier than they would to make sure they make their flight. This would mean instead of the 2-hour threshold, it can now be 3-4 hours earlier. Are we now back to the increasing possible terminal congestion with long queues and expose more vulnerability of intended threats in public areas?
Behavior Analysis Interview
The so called, face to face “pre-screening interviews” at check-in counters for passengers raises questions whether the security screening process and measures are now being transferred over to airline personnel. Are the airlines expected to provide proper behavior analysis training to all airline personnel? Other than the basic questions, “who packed your bags” I can’t imagine airline personnel to be fully trained on differentiating between suspects who are concealing involvement in a criminal and/or terrorist offense from those who are not.
A Behavior Analysis Interview is a commonly used procedure designed to assist law enforcement personnel in distinguishing between suspects who are concealing their involvement in a criminal event (deceptive) from those who are not (truthful). And, the effectiveness with which trained evaluators were able to distinguish between truthful and deceptive suspects undergoing is critical. I fear the repercussions on poorly conducted and manage interviews will have on innocent passengers and if this will take us back to the Pros and Cons of passenger profiling?
Passenger Experience
Airports around the globe have been working diligently to achieve optimization and efficiency to keep the process moving at security checkpoints, while passengers screening solutions clear or identify a threat and adding face to face interview into the process could lead us back to long wait times, queues, delays, and frustrated passengers. A direct negative impact on the Passenger Experience.
Training Program
Smart Security Consulting, has developed an exclusive curriculum for the aviation community on interview protocol, designed to generate more than just the basic questions and behavior analysis results as the requirement to truly put forward a risk mitigation strategy.
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