Leticia MONTEAGUDO, is the Executive Director of Smart Security Airport Consulting, and a former Executive of the IATA International Air Transport Association, with twenty-five years of Aviation background and expertise, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration among other certifications from Harvard Business Mentor Program. Collective experience, successfully executed and delivered a portfolio of industry projects with a penetration of 80% of global passengers and a cost saving to the industry estimated over US$ 6.5 Billion. Interacted with over 400 airports, facilitated over 180 global campaigns, conducted risk assessment and passenger facilitation projects, case studies, and assessments in 22 countries and in 60 international airports. Created over 75 industry conferences, special events, workshops, and training seminars.

Leticia is a skilled and respected international expert. Her reputation is as a passionate, creative thinker and strategic planner working with airports worldwide in the highest levels of integrity. Responsible for casting global footprints by mobilizing the aviation industry as a global leader in The Americas. Joined forces across the globe with many stakeholders in diversified large-scale projects that impacted the growth and evolution of aviation today, setting the ground work, leveraging improved processes that continues to revolutionize the industry.

Stellar business performance, commitment, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars that have supports Leticia’s success. Some of her key success factors, proven track record, and historical accomplishments in the industry are summarized as follows; 100% elimination of paper ticket and adoption of Electronic Ticketing, this was indeed the first stepping stone towards a new generation of innovation in the industry and a historical achievement that changed the passenger’s journey. Lead the region in the 100% elimination of legacy equipment, known as the magnetic stripe readers at airports, superseded by 2D Bar Coded Boarding Passes. This technology permits passengers the use of their smart mobile devices to be utilized for quick and easy check in and boarding procedures. Lead the deployment efforts of Common Use Systems (CUSS) across several airports, ensuring stakeholders understood the value proposition to passengers, airports, and airline operators. Today, common-use self-service (CUSS) kiosks are being used to help ease security risks when processing customers travelling between different terminals for connecting flights or passengers travelling on numerous airlines. All these projects resulted in the evolving landscape and elements of speed, convenience and control through a greater range of self-service options generated and generated a global umbrella of modules that included Self Bag Tag and airline adoption towards enhanced functionality, reduced queue time at counters, and speeds up the passenger into proceeding step of the passenger journey.

Leticia supports airports in positioning and developing appropriate security risk assessments that aim to improve passenger throughput at checkpoint, optimizes flow through the terminal landside and contributed towards an improved passenger journey to airside. At a broader scale of contributions and engagement, Leticia is part of an extensive network of industry professionals and commonly engages with governments, regulatory authorities, law enforcement, TSA, third party screening authorities, regulators ICAO, AVSEC and other international organizations in efforts to synchronize and implement a safe risk-based passenger security process that will enhance not only security, but also passenger facilitation at airports. She became the regional ambassador for IATA’s Security Access and Egress Program that later evolved to Smart Security initiative validating and demonstrating operational viability on innovative concepts and operational pilot trials at airports, which focuses on deployment models of passenger screening, alternative detection methods and unpredictability, checkpoint environment and its management, centralized image processing and integrated approach and risk based differentiation.

With her collective discipline and professional experience, Leticia, is currently the Executive Director for Smart Security Airport Consulting, a firm structured with a diversified team of high-level industry experts and advisors ready to take on the commitment to work with any size airport, aimed at improving passenger facilitation, checkpoint environment and management, security risk assessments, identifying vulnerable soft targets commonly categorize as open public space and infrastructure. In scope: international airports with significant passenger traffic volume or high transit passengers, airports that are strategically important for a country or region, those airports that are growing rapidly and airports that specifically express interest in the assessment program. The assessment aims to reduced queue length and times facilitating a more efficient use of space, improved passenger throughput with existing technology and infrastructure which will support passenger growth.

Leticia has been invited as an expert guest speaker at several industry events, Latin America and Caribbean Airport Security Symposiums and Brazil’s Infra Airport Conference, as well as many others. Recently interviewed by the Miami Herald News, NPR News, Univision TV Network Communications following the incident in the FLL Airport Shooting in baggage claim area and contributed on how this tragedy could have been mitigated.

Smart Security Airport Consulting—Smart Choice, The intelligent choice !

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