WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) held its 4th Annual Aviation Security Conference at the Renaissance Resort. This conference was focused mainly on the threat of terrorism in aviation and the impact that can result from these attacks, such as the economic impact.

Curaçao Chronicle had the opportunity to speak with Leticia Monteagudo during a short break. She indicated to us that the theme of her presentation was ‘Every Passenger Counts’. Within that presentation, she touched points on the impact of terrorism, not only globally, but what would happen if it comes to Curaçao. What would happen to the airport or to the economy of the country? She talked about what the effect of such a tragedy would have, psychologically, the economy, welfare of jobs and other things.

During her presentation, Ms. Monteagudo gave real life examples such as the incidents at airports (Brussels and Fort Lauderdale).  She illustrated some of the lessons learned after these horrific incidents. “The key message is that we are a society that is reactive but we are not proactive.”

She supports airports in positioning and developing appropriate security risk assessments aimed at improving passenger throughput at check-points, optimizes flow through the terminal landside and contributes towards an improved passenger journey to airside.

At a broader scale of contributions and engagement, Ms. Monteagudo is part of an extensive network of industry professionals and commonly engages with governments, regulatory authorities and other international organizations in efforts to synchronize and implement a safe risk-based passenger security process that will enhance not only security, but also passenger facilitation in general.