In many ways, the world has never been as vulnerable as it is today because of increasing interconnectivity. In a less connected world, the impact of the terrorist attacks would have been smaller. Apart from the psychological shock, the physical and economic effects beyond the local community and businesses would have been limited. But in today’s interconnected world, the shock waves of the continued threats and terrorist-related incidents continue to reverberate throughout the global economic system.
Preserving security and protecting society from a broad spectrum of challenges requires cooperation and coordination between different agencies in many areas, local, national, and international levels. This is an exclusive event aimed against terrorism, which involves not only cooperation from entities in the diplomatic, financial, economic, intelligence, law enforcement and subject matter professional sectors.
We invite you to reserve your seat and kick off January 2018 with a wealth of information delivered here. But here’s what typically happens, we all wait to the last minute and miss out on “early bird registration rates” and/or wait for the event to be “sold out” and still want to get in. Don’t wait, take control of your schedule now.
Join us in January 2018 in Miami Counter-Terrorism Symposium
23-24 January – Symposium
25-26 January – Optional Training
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION expiring on Nov 15, 2017