Annual Assembly on Air Policy organized by CLAC, CEPAL and JAC Chile. The seminar was attended by representatives of ALTA, ACI-LAC, CLAC, CEPAL, CAAs from throughout the region as well as local authorities. IATA was represented by the local office staff in Santiago, Chile and IATA Regional Americas staff.  The panel entitled “What challenges lie ahead to advance connectivity and standardization of the Air Transport Policy in the Region?”. As a high point of the seminar, Chile’s DGAC recognized IATA work, specifically the Security Access and Egress Program and its results in Chile, kudos to Leticia MONTEAGUDO reaffirming the need for all institutions to work together towards an efficient industry, focused on meeting the needs and expectations of the passengers. The Security Egress & Access Program is a joint collaboration between IATA & ACI World.

Article written by: Juan Carlos Casanova, IATA Aviation Solution Manager, Chile

June 18, 2015